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Pink Roses

weddings and special occasions


We have exclusive partnerships with private estates throughout the Hamptons that can serve as the perfect event space for your wedding. From ocean views, private beaches, and lush farmland, the landscapes of our properties leave much to the imagination and create a canvas to design your dream event!

Exclusive partnerships

Our key partnerships have been developed with trust and quality at its core. With our all-inclusive #eventinabag approach, you'll experience creativity on another level. Our handpicked group of talented professionals from wedding planners, to food and beverage, to accommodations and service have one goal in mind, to deliver perfection.   


Florals play a vital role in how you experience what's around you, determining the style and ambiance. With a natural, whimsical approach to florals, our designs create a sense of peace and tranquility.


Take the stress out of planning and leave that for us. Our goal is to limit your involvement so you can enjoy every moment possible.

What Our Clients Say


Long Island, NY

"Gabrielle made what felt like SUCH an overwhelming task, so much more manageable - both as someone who is functioning under a time crunch (yikes) and severely suffers from anxiety and decision making, you absolutely made one of the most overwhelming tasks so much more manageable and I just want to thank you for that 🤍"

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